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How to choose outdoor tents, novice how to pick tents
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One style
Tents are designed with different uses in mind and have different styles. In terms of tent appearance, common tents are generally divided into five styles.
1 Triangle tent: Herringbone pipes are used as brackets at the front and back, and a cross bar is connected at the middle frame to hold up the inner bills and put on the outer bills. This is the most common tent style in the early days.
2 dome-shaped tents: double cross support, disassembly and assembly are relatively simple, is the most popular on the market.
3 Hexagonal tents: Three or four-bar cross supports are used, while others have a six-bar design, which emphasizes the stability of the tent and is a common style for “alpine” tents.
Second specifications
According to the number of people used, the tent is divided into one person account, two accounts, four accounts, five accounts, six accounts, eight accounts, and of course tents that may accommodate more people. We can choose according to individual needs Size tent.
Three weight
If you are going to engage in mountaineering activities, the importance of the tent is very important. Tents suitable for mountaineering are usually made of high-tech materials, lighter in weight and suitable for highly mobile outdoor activities, but with higher prices;
Camping tents are usually made of ordinary materials and are heavier in weight. They are not very suitable for carrying, and are usually carried on trucks. They are picked up when they arrive at their destination. The prices are relatively cheap, so when choosing a tent, you should consider using it. Conditions to choose.
Four cloth
The ponchos or tents of the tent are made of waterproof nylon cloth to resist the infiltration of rainwater. The tents with good water resistance will be glued with waterproof glue on the seams to increase the waterproofness; the waterproofness of the main account or the inner tent is not as good as that of the tents. Account, but there will be good air permeability. The ground cloth of the tent must be the same as the outer tent to prevent moisture from penetrating through the ground. Therefore, waterproofness of the ground cloth is very necessary.
Five colors
Most people often choose their favorite color according to their personal preference. Low-brightness green and brown palladium are good choices. In addition to bright eyes, tents with high-brightness colors have easy-to-search benefits. Low-light tents will be poor in light transmission, they will block some of the natural heat sources provided by the sun and affect the activities of individuals in tents, especially in the case of bad weather. difference.

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