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What should you watch out for when camping in a tent?
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First, a few of the camping are strictly remembered.
Do not place near water to avoid rising water. Do not under the cliff, avoid falling rocks.
Avoid high winds and strong winds. Do not under an independent tree, avoid electric shocks. Don't be in the grass and avoid snake worms.
Second, tents note:
1. The entrance to the tent should be leeward, and the tent should be kept away from the rolling hillsides.
2. To prevent flooding of tents when it rains, dig a drainage ditch directly under the canopy line.
3. The four corners of the tent should be pressed with big stones.
4. Air circulation should be maintained in the tents, and cooking should be prevented in the tents to prevent fires.
5, before going to sleep at night to check whether all flames extinguished, the tent is fixed and solid.
6, tents should be built in order: first build a public tent.
At the camp's downwind position, first set up a cooking tent, build a stove, and put a pot of water on it. Then, in turn, set up a warehouse tent and its own camping tent for storing utility equipment. When the tent in the entire camp is set up, the boiled water has been boiled and can be immediately consumed and started cooking.
7. Build a good outdoor toilet: Choose a slightly lower wind at the camp and stay away from the river (at least 20 meters away).
It is best to dig a rectangular earth pit about 30 centimeters wide, about 50 centimeters long and about half a meter deep, and put some stones and fir leaves (eliminating odors) inside. Three sides are surrounded by plastic sheets or boxes, fixed, and one side of the opening should be leeward. Prepare some sand and a shovel and a cardboard. Afterwards, some sand was used to bury the excrement and toilet paper, and the toilet was covered with a plate to eliminate odors. There is a more obvious sign on the toilet so that people can see if someone is using it at a distance. At the end of camping, use sand to bury the pit and mark it and tell other people who are participating in the field activities.
8. Take away your garbage: Not leaving a bit of trash in the camp is a discipline that campers must abide by. Paper trash can be buried on the spot, and plastic bottles, cans, etc., must be carried in garbage bags and discarded when they pass through the garbage station on the way back. Tens of thousands can't be discarded everywhere. Remind everyone that although there are more and more camping areas where cars are allowed to enter in many places, it is necessary for all citizens to experience the joy of camping. Environmental protection cannot be ignored. At the end of the trip, we hope that everyone can take away the waste. Try not to use disposable dishes so as not to cause environmental pollution.

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