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We must know the wild camping Raiders
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When you are in nature, counting stars with your family and friends in the bright moonlight, this artistic conception is already intoxicated. As autumn approaches, many outdoor camping enthusiasts are already eager to join nature. However, outdoor camping has a high risk factor and must be well prepared before departure to enjoy a perfect vacation.
In order to enjoy the time in the wild, please learn about field camping with Xiao Bian. In the face of nature, human beings are very weak. We can only adapt to nature and cannot change nature. Therefore, it is best to understand the local topography, landforms, weather, and other related knowledge before you go out.
1. Look ahead to the weather forecast. The current weather forecast software can see the weather conditions after 15 days.
2. Understand the local terrain and landform conditions and make corresponding preparations. For example, the terrain of lakes and mountains is different, and the climate changes are different.
3. Wind power and hydrological conditions also need to be considered. Prepare direction wind meters and understand hydrological conditions to greatly increase the safety factor.
4. Take a look at local news to see if there are any major events that will affect travel.
Finishing equipment
Outdoor camping equipment is a very tedious and important thing. It lists some necessary devices for reference. It combines special items with actual conditions. The principle is rather not lacking.
1, basic equipment
Tents, sleeping bags, mats, backpacks, candles, camping lights, flashlights, compasses, maps, cameras, trekking poles
2, shoes
Jackets, outdoor shoes, cold cotton, changing clothes, socks
3, picnic supplies
Lighters, matches, kettles, wild pots, barbecue grills, multi-purpose knives, cutlery
4, water and food
Sufficient water, fruits, calorie-rich meats, convenient vegetables, staple foods
5, drugs
Cold medicine, diarrhea medicine, anti-inflammatory powder, Yunnanbaiyao, antidote, gauze, tape, bandage
6, personal items
Personal ID such as ID cards, driver's licenses and other special personal items.
Outdoor camping equipment is more durable, quality, and quality, to avoid causing trouble and embarrassment to camping.
Camp choice
The choice of camping site concerns the safety and rest of all personnel and must be fully considered.
1. In the vicinity of water, the importance of the wild water needless to say, choose a place near the water to facilitate water withdrawal. However, we must consider the weather and prevent the potential safety hazards caused by the sudden rise of water.
2, leeward, lee place to avoid the cold wind at night, the use of fire is also more safe and convenient.
3, shady, if you play for a long time, it is best to camp in a shady place, under the trees or the north of the mountain, so that during the day in the tent to rest, not hot and uncomfortable.
4, near the village, close to the nearby village, if there is any accident convenient for help, if you need to replenish it is also convenient to add.
5, far cliff, away from the cliff, easy to roll the place, to prevent the wind and cause casualties.
6, lightning protection, in the rainy season or more thunder and lightning areas, camping to take into account lightning protection, to avoid lightning accidents. pitch a tent
Building a tent is a technical task. It is necessary for everyone to work together and it must be secured and sealed.
1. First, choose flat, hard ground to build tents, leeward, away from the rolling hillsides, sandy areas, grasslands and other drainage areas.
2, the four corners of the tent should be fixed, it is best to use large stones to suppress, in order to avoid the accumulation of water, it is best to dig a drainage ditch.
3. Keep the air in the tent and avoid using fire in the tent.
4. Spread a kerosene around the tent to prevent mosquitoes from entering.
5. If there are multiple tents, it is best to keep a certain distance and open the door in the same direction.
6, in order to prevent wildlife attacks, with lime, tar and other stimulating substances sprinkled around the tent.
Emergency handling
In the wild, it is inevitable that some sudden incidents will be encountered. Since then, it has been known how to deal with them in order to enjoy the holidays.
1. Keep water at all times. In case of fire, it can be extinguished in time.
2, in the wild travel, it is best to leave a mark, in case of getting lost can slowly find the loop.
3, learn a little common knowledge of outdoor first aid, in case of accidents, you can simply handle it yourself.
4. It is best to take turns taking turns during night shifts. In case there are situations, it can be detected in time.
6, to avoid driving at night in the wild, must be filled with oil before traveling.
7. Bring some cash, and if there is any accident on the road, you can use enough cash.
8, can not carry valuables, so as not to incur trouble.
After the camping notes
The happy holiday is over. After camping, you must sort out and start again.
1. When the camp is cleared up, it is also necessary to pay attention to protecting the environment while enjoying the outdoors. When evacuating, be sure to clean it, bury it and incinerate it, and minimize the damage to the environment.
2, organize your own things, inventory, cleaning and good, do not drop items.
3, after returning home, will tents, sleeping bags and other items are cleaned, airing, disinfection, to avoid the bacteria in the wild home.
4, the car also needs maintenance and cleaning.

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